a unique company

Editionz offers a wide range of interconnected creative services. Our goal is to excel in design through research and experience.

We are your Creative Partner

Together we will create magnificent projects and turn complex business profiles into solid brand experiences.

it's all in the Detail

We consider every step and move. Editionz are designed with a sense of elegance, finish and attention for detail. That's our Signature.

We design for your audiences, to your benefit

In these dynamic times, we can position a brand more effectively through research, excellence and the wide range of services we provide.


design // production

Creative film and video production, promo’s, event registration, video clips,
and corporate communication.

design // manufacturing

3D printing, business gift, Industrial design, concept creation and technical advice

design // animation

Broadcast design, TV station identity, corporatie ID, leaders, promo's, dynamic presentations and corporate video’s.

design // music

Sound design, stock music, leaders, TV scores     and film music.

design // multimedia

Graphic design, Graphic User Interface development, websites, App's, digital signage and cinematic advertising. 


Royalty free music, video, film and effects. 

special Editions, limited editions, enterprice editions and other formatz

The services of Editionz are the best fit for today's entrepreneur. Each project is designed with a sense of elegance, finesh and attention for detail. It defines the next level of how you represent yourself and how you do business.


what our customers think

Editionz is an excellent partner in creativity. With only a few clues they knew what needed to be done. The result exceeded our expectations.

Maarten Goet Microsoft Regional Director

Editionz is an experienced content marketeer. They translate your needs into a beautiful end product. The results exceed our expectations, every time they deliver. ( and they do deliver!)
If you are looking for a professional partner for your corporate communication and/or film? Editionz is the one.

Sander Bruinsma CEO Toomba

Editionz is a professional in the creative segment. Over the past four years they successfully transformed my business ideas into high quality media.

Eric Hartsink CEO Communicativ

Editionz has an creative mind and a great insight in marketing. This, combined with multimedia experience, makes him an ideal partner in building media brands.

Erro Verschoor Creative Director SixSix BV



We are highly involved in each project. In close cooperation with you, we will identify your business, your mission, vision and synergy. This is what we call: business DNA. We do this in order to first visualize and then convey the perfect message for your company.

concept phase

All information is gathered. Brainstorm sessions and screenings are organized and necessary research is done. You will receive scripting and cost estimates.  

first proposition

Your project is being planned, managed and directed. You will be presented with a preproduction or framework for your evaluation.

second proposition

All feedback will be processed and production and design follows: filming, editing, and/ or manufacturing.. 

finalize edition

After testing and fine tuning online and offline, you will receive the final edition. 

get in touch


Contact Details

Please leave a message if you have any questions, or if you would like to meet.  

There’s a good chance we could help you to achieve your dreams. 


  •  Jupiterstraat 42, Hoofddorp
  •  +31 (0) 6 41 66 95 56
  •  info@editionz.nl


Cool Features

We are proud to say we have developed long term relationships with many of our clients. We highly value the input of our clients and find communication throughout the entire project extremely helpful and important. Our formats and designs make our clients projects look awesome and breathtaking, or just simply highly professional. 

This is being made possible by our extensive experience and a variety of creative services. Such as marketing, communication, webdesign, animation, apps, industrial design, film and video production.

marketing & communication

Marketing is no longer a single-strategy game. It is building relationships, building bridges and building trustworthy design..


Known as channel branding and used in TV commercials. We use motion-graphic design to give our clients a special and powerfull advantage to communicate a brand or proces.

Industrial design options

Together with our designers, artists and makers you receive an end product that is tailer-made, exclusively for you.

pixel perfect design

We believe it is all in the details. Other companies may care only about the result, we consider every step in the process. 

Why Choose Editionz

We are content creaters, makers, designers and inventors and we are totally at your service. We believe in inovation without compromise. Combining markets and services togheter to create remarkeble projects. We label this as an edition because we delliver something special. Thats our signature and promise to you and your company.

Cutting edge technology
We use high-end software tools that enable our clients to perform at a high level.
We want our clients to look awesome and use our versatile and unique services to do so. 
Each Edition is fully responsive and works on any device. 
In addition to that we offer a wide range of industrial options, such as: 3D art, 3D design and 3D printing. This combination makes us unique.

clean & professional design

We create formatz and editionz that are aesthetic (visually attractive). Each in their own way inspirational. 

Everything that is professionally created, looks like it is easy to use.

This is the result of a long period of time during which the artist or designer allowed to make mistakes, learn from them and continuously improve. It is also called experience. 

A good design clarifies the business structure of a company and what it is capable of, what it's mission statement is, and it's business justification.

Ultimately there is one major question we keep asking ourselves: 

What will blow your customers' mind?


multi dimensional
We create Editionz in unique formats on several platforms.
Depending on the needs of our customers, we create on multidimensional levels,
online as well as offline.

The first dimension is writing marketing formatz, creating scripts and editing video proposals.

The second dimension is designing the graphics, a look&feel, and creating stunning video as well as panoramic pictures or a website framework.

The third dimension consists of animation, industrial design, sound design, music production, apps and fully responsive websites.

The fourth dimension is manufacturing art and creating brand awareness, impact, emotion and design.


The services of Editionz are the best fit for today's entrepeneur. We position ourselves through great formatz and impressive design with a sense of elegance.

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Editionz is located on the 4th floor in business center Jupiter. It's easily accessible by train and near Schiphol airport.

Jupiterstraat 42, Hoofddorp
+31 (0) 641669556
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